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Remote Help
A great source of FREE and friendly advice too.

GrASP remotely fixes poorly computers over the internet.
We guide you through our easy setup process over the phone, roughly 4-10 minutes.

Setup of our free secure remote tool includes a free telephone consultation, then if you decide to continue, the price is £40 for the next hour and £20 for each additional hour.

Utilising over 20 years of experience we work very efficiently, 94% of remote visits take only 1 hour. Multitasking and our wealth of knowledge and resources saves time and keeps the cost low.

Microsoft Certified Professional

You are welcome to watch and chat or not as we securely control your PC remotely, fixing its issues and plainly documenting each resolution for you.

As a guide your service can include any or all of the following;

  • Free: Consultation over the phone or email, including the remote software setup.
  • Computing issues or symptoms which you report to us.
  • Remove: Trojan / Spyware / Cookies / Malware / Virus and Registry faults.
  • Run performance tests to highlight problem areas.
  • Update system components including drivers.
  • Optimize resource usage to make the system faster.
  • Highlight and cure security & system weaknesses.
  • Find outdated software and apply available updates.

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How does a remote visit work?